Frequently Asked Questions

In short: It is a form of psychotherapy that includes working with the body.

Many of today’s mental, emotional, and physical problems and pains are the outcome of a clinical and philosophical tradition that separates the mental and the emotional from the physical. But our feelings do not exist without our bodies and we cannot have a mental state without a physical state. This artificial separation leads to great misunderstandings, confusion, and pain, because it disconnects what should be connected, and dissects what should be understood and seen as one.

In body-psychotherapy, we seek to reconnect these three aspects – the mental and the emotional with the physical – and thus open new ways and possibilities for change and expansion.

The method combines elements of traditional talking therapy, such as telling, listening, and reflecting, with techniques involving movement and touch, but also breathing, meditation and more. In the centre of my work are always the needs of the person undergoing therapy, respect for individual differences and unique internal resources. Together, we will explore what is bothering or hurting you in order to understand the deeper reasons, and work at finding a good way for you to deal with things.

The initial introductory meeting of about 50 min. costs 40 EUR.

My usual rate for one session of 60 min. is 85 EUR.

I offer the option to book the five first sessions together (not including the introductory meeting) for 360 EUR, as probatory sessions. This period will allow us to get to know each other well enough to see if we can have a good cooperation, and it is usually also a good period to gain clarity about the goal of the therapy. Depending on the issue, five sessions can also be enough to overcome a specific problem or to get through a critical period in life.

Body psychotherapy by a “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie” is not covered by the “gesetzliche Krankenkasse”. However, certain private or additional health insurances refund at least part of the costs.

I work in English, German, French and Hebrew.

This issue is very important to me. Sexual orientation and gender identity are intimate and personal matters that should be free and joyful to explore and experience. However, social and political discrimination often make this impossible, instead inflicting pain and suffering. Discrimination also targets people for their skin colour or other physical characteristics, class, religious background, or age. Its machinery works relentlessly on all kinds of levels and can have a devastating impact on the mental health of those that are targeted. Therefore, it is very important to me to provide a safe space for anybody affected by social discrimination, a space where the inflicted pain is acknowledged, and the vulnerable parts that are usually hidden away can live and breathe.

Body psychotherapy over the screen is obviously a bit different than meeting in person. Still, it is possible to do online counselling and it can be very effective if you are comfortable and feel free with this way of communication. So yes, if you live far away or are not able to come to my clinic for any other reason we can also meet online (I work over zoom).